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When in Rome: Our Take on the ICSC OAC (Open Air Summit)

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

We know from our high school history lessons that large scale public shopping centers have been around since the days of the Roman Empire, if not before. The fabled open air markets of cities like Istanbul and Damascus still exist today and are often the backdrop of our favorite action movies and TV shows (anyone… Continue Reading

Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay: Where’s Your Wallet?

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales, Technology

Last week Samsung launched its mobile payments app to compete with ApplePay and Android Pay, with much anticipation among technology bloggers. A few Technorati rushed to try the application so they could compare and contrast with the others. While it’s not likely that the general population will comparison shop for their payment system anytime soon,… Continue Reading

Not So Fast: The Coming of Age of Mobile Money?

Posted in Retail, Technology

With the recent release of the iPhone 5, many consumers are eager to try a bevy of apps and features designed to make their lives more fun, connected, and convenient. But consumers may be disappointed to find one long-anticipated convenience missing from their newest smartphones – a built-in “mobile wallet” that would allow them to… Continue Reading