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The Cure For The Last Mile? Retooling Shopping Malls as E-commerce Distribution Centers

Posted in Retail

In addition to gigantic warehouses that e-commerce companies are constructing away from population centers where real estate is limited or too pricey, shopping malls and former shopping mall sites are well poised to be the newest e-commerce logistics and distribution hubs. With the deluge of vacant malls and vacant retail space in malls, landlords must… Continue Reading

Retail Shopping Outlets in Emerging Markets: A Shopaholic Box of Chocolate

Posted in Retail

Despite its universality, the shopping mall, as we know it, is at a pivotal juncture in its existence. A tsunami of torrential trends – in particular, the rise of floundering malls and underwhelming sales for luxury anchor tenants – has spurred mall owners to abandon the notion of commoditized shopping experiences and steer towards an… Continue Reading

A Case of Caution: the Effect of Redevelopment on Existing Mall Leases

Posted in Development, Landlords, Leasing, Real Estate, Retail, Tenant

In a follow up to our other posts regarding the White Flint Mall redevelopment, the jury has reached a verdict. Until recently, White Flint Mall in Bethesda, Maryland was a prime example of retail mall success. However, as the mall began to lose tenants and customers, its owner decided to redevelop the mall into a… Continue Reading

RECon 2015: a Decidedly Global Outlook

Posted in Real Estate, Retail

We are back from the ICSC’s RECon Global Retail conference, and needed the full long weekend to recover!  More than 34,000 real estate professionals attended the event (substantially exceeding last year’s attendance), and the mood among was decidedly upbeat. While the conference has always been the single most important event on the calendar of U.S…. Continue Reading

A Study of Suburban Mall Redevelopment: the White Flint Mall

Posted in Development, Real Estate, Retail

A year ago we reported on the planned redevelopment of the 37-year old, 850,000 square foot, indoor shopping mall in White Flint, Maryland. The mall’s planned redevelopment into a 5.2 million square foot, walkable, mixed-use destination with access to an existing station stop on the Metro’s Red Line appeared to be part of a trend… Continue Reading

Retailers, Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, and Restaurants Among Those to Be Affected by New Massachusetts Food Waste Regulations

Posted in Environmental, Green, Retail

Supermarkets, universities, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants that generate one ton or more of food, plant, or other organic waste per week will be obligated to comply with new Massachusetts regulations that require segregating that organic waste from other solid waste. This organic waste ban regulation is scheduled to go into effect July 1, 2014. Small… Continue Reading

Two Did Not Become One, But Further Consolidation in the Shopping Mall Industry Still Possible

Posted in Retail

At this time last year, just as the leaves began to change color in New England, we reported on another significant change in its beginning stages, one that would have had rippling effects beyond New England’s borders. There were strong efforts at that time (almost as colorful as New England’s foliage) by a minority shareholder… Continue Reading

Landmark Repositioning of a Suburban Mall Runs into Anchor Tenant Roadblock

Posted in Development, Real Estate, Retail

A lawsuit recently filed by Lord & Taylor against the owners of the Montgomery County, Maryland’s White Flint Mall is a blunt reminder of the challenges of repositioning aging suburban shopping malls. The White Flint Mall’s redevelopment plans, widely viewed as a promising model for revitalizing aging suburban shopping centers, are threatened by its biggest… Continue Reading

A Tenant’s Employee has a Criminal Record. How Does a Landlord React?

Posted in Employment, Landlords, Liability, Retail, Tenant

Employers often are faced with applicants or employees who have criminal backgrounds. There is legislation which provides guidance to employers who wish to make pre-employment inquiries, establishes certain access to criminal offender record information (“CORI”) and provides for a process by which employers may make employment decisions based on CORI. While for the most part… Continue Reading

When The Unthinkable Happens: Owner Liability For Homicide In Shopping Malls

Posted in Landlords, Liability, Retail, Risk Management

In the wake of recent open mall shootings in New Jersey, Toronto, Michigan and Texas, many observers reacted by wondering how these incidents could have been prevented and who may share responsibility for them. The extent of a property owner or landlord’s liability may be surprising. For example, a July 2012 decision by a New… Continue Reading

Two May Become One: Further Consolidation in the Shopping Mall Industry?

Posted in Retail

The already highly consolidated U.S. shopping mall industry may be on the verge of further consolidation. In recent weeks, a minority shareholder of General Growth Properties, Inc., the second largest owner of regional shopping malls in the U.S., has actively courted potential suitors to acquire General Growth’s portfolio of 149 regional shopping malls. One of… Continue Reading