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Bringing Residential Uses to Existing Shopping Centers- A Win Win

Posted in Multifamily, Real Estate, Retail

Tenant curation, experiential retail, and social media-based marketing are thriving trends in today’s brick-and-mortar shopping center industry. Retail is not the only real estate asset class susceptible to trends, and a recent dominant trend in the multifamily residential sector may offer valuable opportunities for shopping center owners. For those in the multifamily residential real estate… Continue Reading

ICSC Mid-Atlantic Conference & Deal Making Recap

Posted in Landlords, Leasing, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Tenant

With seemingly all of the country’s attention focused on Washington DC lately, we snuck out of the District and across the Potomac River to National Harbor last week for ICSC’s 2017 Mid-Atlantic Conference and Deal Making. The conference was very well attended, and the mood among attendees and presenters was generally upbeat. Anecdotally, the sentiment… Continue Reading

The Power of Pop-ups: From Fad to Retail Mainstay

Posted in Landlords, Pop-up Retail, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Retail Sales

Pop-up stores or “flash retail” have graduated from passing trend to popular practice. Historically utilized for the sale of seasonal products (think temporary stores that only sell Halloween costumes), the pop-up has evolved into an attractive option for retailers of all shapes, sizes and experience. Smaller, emerging companies have jumped on the pop-up as an… Continue Reading

No Cash? No Problem: The Emergence of Cashless Retailers

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales, Technology

From the time we were little, putting birthday money into our piggy banks, cash has always been an important part of our lives. Now, imagine a world where cash is no longer king. Like so many other things that we thought were futuristic, a cashless society is becoming more of a reality and less of… Continue Reading

It’s Snowing (Again!) – What Responsibility Does a Landlord Have for Snow and Ice Removal?

Posted in Compliance, Landlords, Restaurants, Retail, Risk Management

After four major snowstorms have buried much of Massachusetts in more than six feet of snow, and with other areas of the country dealing with storms of their own, landlords nationwide are wondering how responsible they are for clearing and managing snow and ice that has accumulated in their parking lots and on their sidewalks…. Continue Reading

More Mobile, More Problems?

Posted in Retail, Technology

It’s been a great night out with friends. You’ve enjoyed good food and some laughs. Then the bill arrives. After some mental (or scribbled) math and some uncomfortable chatter (or silence), you’re handing the waiter a check cover filled with six pieces of plastic and requesting change for two $20 bills. As the use of… Continue Reading

Zoning for the All-In-One Commercial Space

Posted in Compliance, Restaurants, Retail, Zoning

Many zoning regulations were drafted decades ago in an era before all-in-one superstores. Accordingly, the form and structure of these regulations often reflects a single use-based regulatory scheme, with lists of dozens of commercial uses that are permitted in each progressive zone category. Today’s all-in-one commercial establishment typically provides many of these uses under one… Continue Reading

Restaurant Paradox: Encouraging and Discouraging New Restaurants in Washington, D.C.

Posted in Development, Landlords, Restaurants, Retail, Zoning

Research has suggested that zoning can have both anti-competitive and pro-competitive effects on retail establishments. The anti-competitive effects may be caused by limiting the number of certain types of retail establishments, by prohibiting some types of retailers, or by encouraging certain types of retailers over others. Other research has shown that zoning can increase competition… Continue Reading

Boston’s Emergent Restaurant Row: A Model for the Nation’s New Linear Parks and Boulevards?

Posted in Development

Casey Ross of the Boston Globe recently reported that the Palm restaurant, an Italian steakhouse with New York roots, will open a new 8,300-square-foot location in Boston’s International Place office complex, adding to “the steady development of the [Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy] Greenway, which has attracted many restaurants and outdoor dining options in recent years.” Indeed,… Continue Reading