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Facial Recognition in Retail: “Attention all Shoppers: We Already Know Everything about You”

Posted in Privacy, Retail, Security, Technology

Are you worried that “Alexa” is listening to your conversations? Do you cover your laptop camera with tape and refuse to store your passwords on your devices? Well, it looks like even stepping into the mall may require full-body armor if you wish to keep your basic data truly private. Retailers are increasingly utilizing advanced… Continue Reading

Leveling the Playing Field: Mobile Location Analytics

Posted in Privacy, Retail, Technology

As brick-and-mortar retailers face increasing challenges to compete with their online counterparts, a new tool is helping to level the playing field: mobile location analytics. Traditionally, online retailers have had an advantage over brick-and-mortar stores from the voluminous data that could be gathered while customers perused the retailer’s website. This has allowed online retailers to… Continue Reading

Disney Wristbands: A More Magical Experience or Smoke and Mirrors for Data Mining?

Posted in Retail, Technology

With the release of the iPhone 5 last fall, we at the Retail Law Advisor have highlighted some of the advantages and challenges faced by retailers in adapting to new forms of mobile payment technology. Since the fall, Disney Parks and Resorts has begun to roll out a massive program to integrate mobile technology into… Continue Reading