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E-commerce Is Changing the Definition of Retail Employment

Posted in E-commerce, Employment, Retail, Retail Sales

The retail landscape is in the midst of a mind-boggling – and fast-moving – evolution.  In a short amount of time, Americans have radically changed how they shop for things, utilizing multiple channels of shopping to meet their needs.  80% of Americans are now shopping online, and they utilize e-commerce for a wide range of… Continue Reading

When in Rome: Our Take on the ICSC OAC (Open Air Summit)

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

We know from our high school history lessons that large scale public shopping centers have been around since the days of the Roman Empire, if not before. The fabled open air markets of cities like Istanbul and Damascus still exist today and are often the backdrop of our favorite action movies and TV shows (anyone… Continue Reading

Consumers Looking For Deliveries at the Speed of Light

Posted in Holiday, Retail, Retail Sales

With the holidays fast approaching, and sales during November and December accounting for an estimated 30% of retailers’ annual revenue, retailers are pulling out all the stops in the ongoing fight for customer dollars, with multiple retailers offering overnight and same-day delivery options and free shipping and one online retailer even offering a shipping guarantee… Continue Reading

The Future of Retail Checkout

Posted in Privacy, Retail

We’ve recently reported on a number of technological innovations which have changed the way consumers shop, including interactive “shoppable windows” which bridge the gap between online shopping and bricks-and-mortar retail, and new shopping technologies which integrate the shopping experience into the consumer’s lifestyle, allowing customers to scan a quick-response code directly from a television screen… Continue Reading

The Next Generation of Online Retail and Its Revolutionary Impact on the Fashion Industry

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales, Technology

Have you ever had to have a pair of shoes and wondered where (and how quickly) you could get them? Instead of taking a surreptitious picture and searching endlessly in stores, try utilizing an online retail application such as Asap54. This app bridges the gap between what rivets your eyes and what you can buy… Continue Reading