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The Future of Urban Retail: A Business Real Estate Roundtable

Posted in Real Estate, Retail

As the competitive retail marketplace continues to shape itself, we take an active role monitoring trends and uncovering the legal ramifications.  This week, we are pleased to share Crain’s New York Business Real Estate Roundtable. In this piece, the discussion centers on The Future of Urban Retail. Our partner and leader in New York real… Continue Reading

Oh the Sidewalks Outside Are Frightful, But Landlords Will Make Them Delightful… or Will They?

Posted in Compliance, Landlords, Leasing, Real Estate, Retail, Tenant

Although we haven’t seen much snow accumulation in the northeast to date, we know that this can (and likely will) change before the warmer weather returns. Before the snow really begins to fall, it would behoove both landlords and tenants to become informed about their snow clearing responsibilities and to ensure removal plans are in… Continue Reading

Revamping the Runway-to-Retail Model

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

With the increase in digital coverage of Fashion Week, from live streams to Snapchat stories and Instagram postings, designers have put what might be considered the most coveted and exclusive ticket in town directly in the hands of consumers. During the most recent New York Fashion Week (“NYFW”), which took place in February, over 400,000… Continue Reading

Fashion Week Beyond the Photo Shoots

Posted in Retail

What would the retail industry be without Fashion Week, the twice-a-year event series during which major designers launch their women’s ready-to-wear lines? What we see on the catwalk during this week highly influences consumer tastes – and sometimes behavior – in the coming season. Fashion Week began in 1943 and seventy years later the event… Continue Reading

Are Plastic Shopping Bags Being Sacked?

Posted in Compliance, Green, Retail

In earlier blog posts, we reported on the growing trend in U.S. cities to pass bans on single-use plastic shopping bags and impose fees for traditionally free bags provided in store checkouts, including the status of legislation proposed by Los Angeles, Chicago and New York to ban free shopping bags as of last November. A… Continue Reading

Adaptive Reuse: Boom or Bust?

Posted in Development, Environmental, Green, Real Estate, Retail

Adaptive reuse of older, unused, or under-used buildings is considered by many to be an important component of sustainable and environmentally-friendly development. Also, adaptive reuse is a concept that governmental officials, many developers, and some communities have embraced to revitalize older neighborhoods suffering from abandonment or general decline. Adaptive reuse may be the draw for… Continue Reading

Retailers Face Major Backlash from Racism Claims

Posted in Retail

Two major New York retailers face racism charges after several African-American shoppers claimed that they were unfairly targeted by security. One of the complaints involves a 21-year old nursing student who was stopped by undercover police officers after leaving a store with a $2,500 handbag she had purchased. Another involves an HBO actor who was… Continue Reading

A Glimpse into ICSC’s Annual Conference in New York

Posted in Restaurants, Retail

Snow and cold greeted the more than 7000 attendees for this year’s ICSC National Conference in New York City! Notwithstanding the inclement weather, attendees were busy between the two program venues, the Hilton and the Sheraton, but the energy was high. Overall, a big success for the ICSC again this year. As promised in previous… Continue Reading

Plastic Shopping Bags Going the Way of Lead Paint? Many Say YES

Posted in Compliance, Retail

Last November, we reported on the growing trend in U.S. cities to pass bans on single-use plastic shopping bags and impose fees on the sale of other traditionally free bags provided in store checkouts. In 2013, it appears that the public desire to ban plastic shopping bags is gaining momentum, with officials now calling for… Continue Reading