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Blazing the Trail: SJC to Decide Medical Marijuana Discrimination Case

Posted in Employment, Retail

Marijuana in the workplace is currently a hot topic for retail employers, especially since voters in Massachusetts and other states legalized the recreational use of marijuana in November 2016. The law that passed and became effective in December 2016 explicitly notes that employers retain their authority to implement policies and practices restricting employees’ use of marijuana,… Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana: The Latest Snapshot

Posted in Compliance, Retail

While the Super Bowl XLVIII matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks may have been a major letdown for football fans hoping to witness an epic battle between the NFL’s top offense and its top defense, fans certainly had fun nicknaming the big matchup featuring teams from two states that recently legalized marijuana as… Continue Reading

For Purveyors of Medical Marijuana, Siting Dispensaries Gets Easier in Massachusetts, and Federal Tax Concerns Begin to Settle

Posted in Landlords, Municipalities, Real Estate, Retail, Tax, Zoning

Some retail landlords in Massachusetts will welcome medical marijuana treatment centers as tenants by the end of the year, and treatment center operators have recently had some good news regarding local land use and federal tax regulation of medical marijuana. Although many state governments are easing the path towards legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, local… Continue Reading

Landlord Considerations: Medical Marijuana Cultivation Centers and Dispensaries

Posted in Landlords, Leasing

On March 30th the District of Columbia Department of Health announced the first group of businesses that are eligible to establish marijuana cultivation centers as part of the District’s medical marijuana program. The businesses that will be eligible to establish marijuana dispensaries are expected to be announced in late June. The implementation of D.C.’s medical… Continue Reading