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Foreign Retailers Entering New Markets: Finding A Home Of One’s Own

Posted in Real Estate, Retail, Retail Sales

The first task facing a retailer entering a new market? To find its customer. This chore takes on more significance for foreign retailers venturing into a complex, expansive and heterogeneous market such as the United States. Depending upon the soundness of the choice, the proverbial pot at the end of the rainbow could be filled… Continue Reading

Report from MAPIC: Will North American Operational Partnerships Be the Key to Growth for European Retailers?

Posted in Retail

Last week, Goulston & Storrs joined 8300 fellow attendees for the annual MAPIC retail conference in Cannes, France. The conference covered the hottest trends, issues and opportunities in the European retail industry. This year’s lively conversations included talks about how retailers (and even some developers) are coping with the stubborn economies in many European countries… Continue Reading

Coming to America: Retailers Entering the US

Posted in Retail

This past November, Goulston & Storrs hosted a booth at the MAPIC retail conference in Cannes, France. A hefty percentage of the 8,000 attendees were European retailers who expressed a serious interest in expanding their operations to North America. The legal and operational issues facing these aspiring retailers run the gamut from employment, tax and… Continue Reading