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Retailers Grow Successfully by Introducing New Brands

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

As fashion retailers across the country jostle for market share in an ever-changing and ever-competitive marketplace, some retailers are trying to improve their bottom lines not by adjusting or expanding their offerings in each store but by opening differently branded stores separate from their flagship brands. Many retailers, especially those in the fashion world, have… Continue Reading

The Power of the Melody Pushes Fashion Forward

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

The many genres of music – particularly, rock, pop, hip-hop and country – have always pushed the needle forward in fashion. Musical icons from today and yesteryear have given a voice to fashion by creating a kinetic experience full of imagery and a visceral aesthetic that retailers long to foster in their brick and mortar… Continue Reading

“In-Season Relevancy” Is in Season this September

Posted in Pop-up Retail, Retail, Retail Sales

The fashion industry is at a crossroads. Designers must decide whether to continue the age-old tradition of previewing their collections during Fashion Week four to six months before they are available in stores (with fall looks shown in February and spring looks shown in September), or buck tradition in favor of providing instant retail gratification… Continue Reading

“In fashioning myself, I fashion man” – E-Tailers Champion A Sartorial Renaissance in Masculinity

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales, Technology

When it comes to shopping, men generally fall into one of two camps: (a) those who simply don’t know how to shop and would rather book their next root canal before embarking on such an experience and (b) those who don’t have time to shop and shudder at the prospect of waiting in long lines…. Continue Reading

#Instagram, #Instafashion, #Instagood: A Fashion Foray into Instagram

Posted in Retail

Despite its reputation for over-filtered pictures, fashion blogging on #Instagram has moved the needle and compelled the fashion industry to welcome a group of #fashionistas that traditionally have been considered the plebeians of the fashion world. The rise of the fashion blogger phenomenon, coupled with consumers’ insatiable desire for more personalized shopping experiences, has resulted… Continue Reading

When Fashion Met Style…Spin-Off Stores

Posted in Landlords, Pop-up Retail, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Retail Sales, Tenant

Over the past few years, there has been a discouraging rash of mall vacancies and closings, as traditional department stores and retail chains have had to close shop, lick their wounds, and get back to the drawing board in hopes of reviving their brand names and regaining a foothold within the retail market. What truly… Continue Reading

How the Teen Psyche Shapes the Market for Teenage Retailers

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

Creating brand loyalty among teenage shoppers is a challenge given the wide and rapid swings in their tastes. Despite this uphill climb, the rewards of becoming le gout du jour (and, hopefully, de la saison) for teenagers is not only highly profitable but also a sure-fire means of expanding a brand’s consumer base. The first… Continue Reading

Food Trucks Flourish while Fashion Trucks Idle

Posted in Permitting, Retail

It has been nearly a year since our last update on the mobile retail phenomenon in Boston, and it’s clear that the food truck trend has taken off. Hungry Bostonians planning their next lunch break can now take a quick look online at the daily food truck schedule maintained by the City of Boston to… Continue Reading

Fast Fashion: The Zara Experience

Posted in Real Estate, Retail, Retail Sales

With more than 6,000 stores worldwide at the end of 2012, fashion giant Inditex, owner of the well-known Zara brand, is a leader in clothing sales. The New York Times recently profiled Inditex as a revolutionary force in the fashion industry. Inditex has about 4,400 stores in Europe, but as of the beginning of 2013,… Continue Reading