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Retailers Grow Successfully by Introducing New Brands

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

As fashion retailers across the country jostle for market share in an ever-changing and ever-competitive marketplace, some retailers are trying to improve their bottom lines not by adjusting or expanding their offerings in each store but by opening differently branded stores separate from their flagship brands. Many retailers, especially those in the fashion world, have… Continue Reading

#Instagram, #Instafashion, #Instagood: A Fashion Foray into Instagram

Posted in Retail

Despite its reputation for over-filtered pictures, fashion blogging on #Instagram has moved the needle and compelled the fashion industry to welcome a group of #fashionistas that traditionally have been considered the plebeians of the fashion world. The rise of the fashion blogger phenomenon, coupled with consumers’ insatiable desire for more personalized shopping experiences, has resulted… Continue Reading

Recent Guidance on Geographically Descriptive Trademarks May Help Brand Owners

Posted in Intellectual Property, Retail

Brand owners frequently adopt geographic terms to describe the origin or a characteristic of goods, such as NANTUCKET NECTARS for beverages from Nantucket and HYDE PARK for high end apparel.  They may also adopt such terms to describe the origin of services, such as CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN for restaurant services originating in California and FASHION… Continue Reading

When Fashion Met Style…Spin-Off Stores

Posted in Landlords, Pop-up Retail, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Retail Sales, Tenant

Over the past few years, there has been a discouraging rash of mall vacancies and closings, as traditional department stores and retail chains have had to close shop, lick their wounds, and get back to the drawing board in hopes of reviving their brand names and regaining a foothold within the retail market. What truly… Continue Reading

Capitalize on the U.S. Market, But Protect Your Brand

Posted in Intellectual Property, Litigation, Retail, Retail Sales

Are your brands and valuable intellectual property adequately protected? Retailers entering into or expanding operations in the U.S. access a consumer base which spends more than four trillion dollars on retail goods annually. There are lucrative opportunities for foreign retailers to introduce fresh and innovative brands to U.S. consumers. But retailers who fail to implement… Continue Reading

Fake It and You Won’t Make It: Putting an End to Online Counterfeiting

Posted in Litigation

In the marketplace for counterfeit goods, online transactions are the new frontier. The ease and reach of the Internet have made it all too easy for devious manufacturers to sell counterfeit merchandise online rather than on the street, perhaps hoping to remain hidden from public view. Therefore, to protect their brands, retailers need to monitor… Continue Reading

Buying Brands Out of Bankruptcy

Posted in Bankruptcy

In the wake of the economic downturn that began in 2008, several of America’s best-known brands have filed for bankruptcy protection. Click here for a slideshow presenting 15 household names that invoked the protections available in bankruptcy court during the downturn. Continuing economic uncertainty may cause more famous brands to seek bankruptcy protection, opening up… Continue Reading