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Bankruptcy Lease Auctions – Landlords Can Play Too

Posted in Bankruptcy, Leasing, Real Estate, Retail

Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy in September 2017, with hopes that a strong holiday season would facilitate a successful reorganization. After holiday sales proved to be far less lucrative than the company and its professionals had hoped, the announcement was recently made that the company would commence store closing sales at all 735 of its… Continue Reading

A Grocery Attack on Multiple Fronts

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales, Technology

Amazon has entered the grocery store space with a bang. From the recent opening of its AmazonGo store, to its acquisition of Whole Foods last August, Amazon has threatened to disrupt the grocery store industry and has jolted the stock price of many of its competitors. But will these new developments have a material impact… Continue Reading

Is Artificial Intelligence the Key to Retail Survival?

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales, Technology

In light of the sea change in the current retail landscape, which was punctuated by the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon, retailers today are forced to ask themselves: How will we combat disruption in our industry by giants like Amazon and its few peers? To what extent should we migrate to mobile shopping… Continue Reading

Amazon & Wal-Mart: Pinky and The Brain of Retail

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

In the opening montage of the American animated series, Pinky and The Brain, Pinky asks his best friend, The Brain: “What do you want to do tonight?” To which The Brain replies: “The same thing we do every night; try to take over the world!” Doug McMillon (CEO of Wal-Mart) and Jeff Bezos (CEO of… Continue Reading

Getting Past the Last Mile: Delivery Challenges For E-Commerce Businesses

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

E-commerce businesses have changed the relationship between consumers and retailers through the advent of expedited and low-cost home delivery services. Now, many consumers anticipate both free shipping with their purchase, and to receive their items in a short one to two day window. While there is significant growth in the online shopping market, high shipping… Continue Reading

Amazon Go: Let’s Get (More) Physical

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

We recently noted that among the latest e-tail trends is the expansion of once exclusively online retail operations into physical store locations. In-store sales continue to dominate over online sales, with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting that online sales in the third quarter of 2016 accounted for only about 7.7% of all retail sales (which… Continue Reading

The Power of Pop-ups: From Fad to Retail Mainstay

Posted in Landlords, Pop-up Retail, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail, Retail Sales

Pop-up stores or “flash retail” have graduated from passing trend to popular practice. Historically utilized for the sale of seasonal products (think temporary stores that only sell Halloween costumes), the pop-up has evolved into an attractive option for retailers of all shapes, sizes and experience. Smaller, emerging companies have jumped on the pop-up as an… Continue Reading

The Future of Retail: Brick and Mortar!

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

If you believe the hype, it is only a matter of time before brick and mortar retail succumbs to its online competitors.  Recent decisions made by several stalwart retailers appear to support this theory: Macy’s recently announced that it would close 15% of its stores, The Sports Authority and Radio Shack each conducted full chain… Continue Reading

Set Pickup Location: Uber Is Coming to Retail

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

On-demand delivery services, such as Uber and its competitors Lyft and Postmates, are increasingly taking steps that have the potential to offer a counterpunch to online retailers such as Amazon and may shake up the brick and mortar retail industry in a big way. UberRush: On-Demand Delivery Service Could Compete with Amazon Uber is rolling… Continue Reading

Heavyweights Battle Over The Future Of Retail

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

Is the future of retail online, or will it remain in brick-and-mortar stores? It is a common topic of speculation among the retail industry, with some claiming that brick-and-mortar stores are a dying breed and others claiming that they matter now more than ever. Amidst this fray, two of America’s largest retailers (Amazon and Wal-Mart)… Continue Reading

Would You Like That Retail Purchase Take-Out or Delivery? The 2014 Holiday Season Saw Brick-and-Mortar Retailers and Shopping Centers Increasingly Offering Same-Day Delivery Services

Posted in Retail

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and online retailers such as Amazon and Zappos (each offering free 2-day shipping to their Prime and VIP customers, respectively) are certainly driving traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and shopping center owners and operators to make in-store shopping a more streamlined and convenient experience. In addition to “shoppable… Continue Reading

Consumers Looking For Deliveries at the Speed of Light

Posted in Holiday, Retail, Retail Sales

With the holidays fast approaching, and sales during November and December accounting for an estimated 30% of retailers’ annual revenue, retailers are pulling out all the stops in the ongoing fight for customer dollars, with multiple retailers offering overnight and same-day delivery options and free shipping and one online retailer even offering a shipping guarantee… Continue Reading

Reverse Showrooming: A Look at the Other Side

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales

In previous blog posts, we have covered developments in showrooming, the consumer behavior of browsing brick-and-mortar stores to evaluate a product before purchasing it online. We warned traditional retailers of this threat to in-store sales and suggested ways to combat the popular behavior. Although brick-and-mortar retailers may have seemed doomed by the prevalence of showrooming,… Continue Reading

Amazon Breaks Into the Top 10 Retailer List

Posted in Retail

Over the past decade, consumers have shifted their shopping habits from the “real” world (i.e. brick-and-mortar stores) to shopping virtually. Now for the first time ever, Amazon.com, the largest online-only retailer, ranks among the top 10 largest retailers in the United States. STORES, the publisher that compiles the annual report that looks at the combined… Continue Reading

New Shopping Technologies Promote Instant Gratification in Retail

Posted in Retail, Retail Sales, Technology

Though Veruca Salt was vilified in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for her refrain“I want it now!”, it seems she was just ahead of her time. These days, instant gratification has become a hallmark of an ultra-connected, faced-paced world. Shoppers now have a multitude of ways to buy products on the spot, from almost any… Continue Reading

An Apple a Day Increases eBook Prices and Scrutiny of Most Favored Nation (MFN) Clauses

Posted in Antitrust, Litigation, Retail

In United States v. Apple , No. 12-C2826, 2013 WL 3454986 (S.D.N.Y. July 10, 2013), the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York found that Apple, Inc. colluded with the top publishing companies in a scheme to raise eBook prices in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Six major publishing companies,… Continue Reading

“This is a Five-Star Blog Entry”: The Perils of Fraud in Online Reviews

Posted in Retail

Retailers selling products on Amazon and similar sites strive for the coveted five-star review. In some instances, retailers go so far as to create the reviews themselves or pay others to post positive reviews. This past January, Amazon removed VIP Deals from its website because VIP Deals was offering full rebates to purchasers of Kindle… Continue Reading