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The FTC Won’t Let Me Be: Warnings and Enforcement Actions Targeting Social Media Influencers

Posted in Intellectual Property, Retail

According to recent Nielsen ratings, the most watched TV shows and live TV events top off at around 20 million viewers. In contrast, the most popular personalities on various social media platforms have well over 100 million followers. It’s no surprise then, that retailers and advertisers are increasingly turning toward these social media “influencers” to… Continue Reading

Clowning Around and Reheating the Breakfast Wars

Posted in Intellectual Property, Restaurants, Retail

Taco Bell has joined the breakfast wars through the launch of its first breakfast menu. Taco Bell’s initial maneuver in this ongoing battle for breakfast customers takes direct aim at McDonald’s iconic breakfast menu. Taco Bell’s television commercials feature individuals named “Ronald McDonald” attesting to their “love” for “…Taco Bell’s new breakfast.” These commercials include… Continue Reading

Don’t Be Pinocchio: Avoid Liability for False Advertising

Posted in Compliance, Liability, Retail

Are you at risk of being sued for false advertising? In our media-saturated and highly competitive commercial environment, companies use a wide range of creative strategies to capture and retain consumer interest. These strategies often include making statements about other companies’ products or services. But when does such advertising go too far? The Lanham Act… Continue Reading