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Retail Innovation Districts: The Community Outfitters

Posted in Municipalities, Real Estate, Retail

For many decades, the downtown, metropolitan area of a city was considered the central breeding ground for innovation and economic development. Establishing a retail chain within a metropolitan hub was considered the benchmark of success and the most sure-fire means to increase exposure and boost sales. However, a new model, commonly referred to as the… Continue Reading

Massachusetts Food Waste Regulations Finalized: Waste-to-Energy Operations Make Headway under New Permitting Program

Posted in Environmental, Municipalities, Permitting

January was a milestone month for Massachusetts’ goal to divert food waste and other organic waste from landfills and to convert that waste to a productive fuel source. Massachusetts announced final regulations requiring the separation of food waste from other garbage just a few weeks after issuing a permit for the Commonwealth’s first operation to… Continue Reading

Climate Change Preparedness: Cities Planning for a Rising Tide

Posted in Environmental, Municipalities, Retail, Risk Management

Hurricane Sandy and other recent events have highlighted the vulnerability of coastal cities to the effects of climate change, which appear to include more frequent and more extensive coastal flooding. In the wake of these events, coastal cities such as Boston and New York City have undertaken comprehensive climate change preparedness planning processes to review… Continue Reading

For Purveyors of Medical Marijuana, Siting Dispensaries Gets Easier in Massachusetts, and Federal Tax Concerns Begin to Settle

Posted in Landlords, Municipalities, Real Estate, Retail, Tax, Zoning

Some retail landlords in Massachusetts will welcome medical marijuana treatment centers as tenants by the end of the year, and treatment center operators have recently had some good news regarding local land use and federal tax regulation of medical marijuana. Although many state governments are easing the path towards legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, local… Continue Reading

Retail Business Incubators Bolstering Local Economies

Posted in Leasing, Municipalities, Retail

Vacancy rates are still well above historic levels in neighborhood and community shopping centers and on “main streets” nationwide — a lingering effect of the economic downturn in 2008-2009 . In response, some retail owners, nonprofits and municipalities are experimenting with retail business incubators as a means to fill vacancies and bolster the local economy…. Continue Reading

Whole Foods Faces Unique Form of NIMBY-ism in One Boston Neighborhood

Posted in Municipalities, Real Estate

NIMBY-ism is nothing new for developers, retail and otherwise, who see their best-laid plans assailed by those averse to such “Not In My Back Yard” staples as traffic, density, building height and (often unspoken) poorer newcomers. In the Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain (“JP”), however, Texas-based organic grocer Whole Foods faced NIMBY-ism of a unique… Continue Reading