A Glimpse into ICSC’s Annual Conference in New York

Snow and cold greeted the more than 7000 attendees for this year's ICSC National Conference in New York City! Notwithstanding the inclement weather, attendees were busy between the two program venues, the Hilton and the Sheraton, but the energy was high. Overall, a big success for the ICSC again this year.

As promised in previous posts, Goulston & Storrs put our ear to the ground for you. We connected with lots of great people, specifically developers and brokers. What did we hear? That meeting calendars are full, many new projects are in the works and that there is a lot of activity in the outlet sector. This was underscored by the warm reception of the featured speaker on Monday:  Danny Meyer, the Chief Executive Officer of the Union Square Hospitality Group, who is deeply involved in the restaurant industry. Danny spoke about the great opportunities available for restaurants located within the properties represented by the ICSC audience. Danny views shopping centers as a place where people go to be with other people, and the food experience is a large piece of the shopping center industry's big picture. Danny also provided a glimpse into some of the exciting new projects that reflect the general optimism of the entire event.

Finally, while there was some anxiety expressed about ICSC’s move to the Javits Center for the 2014 Conference, we think this will have a positive impact on the program.  The new location will unite this large group under one roof, making it easier for people to connect and take part in all that this exciting industry offers.

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